Skincare: Turning Back the Clock


Today I have 6 tips on turning back the clock and protecting your skin from the ravages of time which I wrote for Essentials Magazine:
1. Good sunscreen use and sun avoidance only prevents approximately 50% of the damaging free radicals produced in your skin because you are also exposed to pollution, toxins and everyday stress.  So after you’ve brushed your teeth in the morning and cleansed apply an antioxidant serum your face neck, decolletage and back of hands beneath your moisturiser and/orsunscreen.  Look for ingredients such as stabilised vitamin C, astaxanthin, ferulic acid (this is not an exfoliator), green tea, lycopene, grape seed extract or idebenone.

Apply moisturiser only to areas where your skin needs it such as neck and cheeks.  Then apply a hazelnut size of high factor (SPF 30+) broad spectrum (UVA+ UVB) mineral sunscreen to your face and neck (and decollete and back-of-hands)every day of the year to help protect against ageing UVA rays that are equally strong all year round come rain or shine.  I am using and loving Suntegrity Sunscreen SPF30.

2.  Drink green tea.  Steep for 20 seconds, discard the water and steep again to significantly reduce the caffeine content of the green tea but still benefit from six types of antioxidant catechins that green tea contains which help to protect the skin from UVA rays and pollution. I like Duchy Originals Organic Green Tea £1.09. Or buy decaffeinated green tea.

3. Use a collagen remodeler at night such as a retinoid (vitamin A, retinol, retinyl palmitate, or tretinoin) and/or copper peptide.  One retinol product I like is Philosophy Help Me, which is about £40.

4. Take anti-ageing supplements: MSM, lysine, proline and Vitamin C for collagen synthesis support.  Omega 3 and Borage oil for skin cell membranes for supple smooth skin, which also are anti-inflammatory.  Available from good healthfood shops.

5. Electronic micro-current of a certain frequency not only tightens and tones facial muscles but also excites skin cells to behave younger for a tauter more youthful look.  We naturally have electricity in our bodies and this electricity allows our cells to communicate with each other but our natural currents drop with age.  With regular treatment cell-to-cell communication is boosted resulting in skin cells that behave younger: healing, repair, collagen production and cell turnover are increased and inflammation reduced.  See Tua Tre’nd or Tua Visomicrocurrent facial stimulators if you don’t yet own one.

6. Go low GI.  You’ve heard be say it before but I feel it’s important for me to keep reminding you that high glycaemic carbohydrates (white flour products, white rice, white pasta etc) and refined sugar are inflammatory and ageing; they insidiously lead to wrinkles and facial sagging.  Aim for a Mediterranean style diet including wholegrains, pulses, oily fish, avocados, olive oil and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Organic if possible.

I will see you soon with another anti-ageing and beauty tips video!

To a more youthful you.



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