3 Big Questions to ask yourself


So you want to get off the treadmill – but what next?
Work out what you really want from life and how to get it. – Ask the right questions! See my 3 questions to help you decide what’s important to you and how to get it.
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My name is Jackie Vokes and last year I gave up my well paid and secure job relatively late in my working life to start my own business in a sector I knew nothing about. I had found myself at a bit of an unhappy standstill in my job and realised it wasn’t ever going to fulfil my expectations and let me live the life I wanted then, or in the future.

I knew I had to do something about it and so I asked myself some simple questions, which made me think very hard about what I really wanted in life and how to go about getting it through my work. My questions were very obvious, but by delving deep and thinking outside my own little box, I eventually came up with the ideal solution for me – online marketing.
I felt inspired to help other people in the same situation and wrote a guide called ‘Leave Your Job, Change Your Life’ based on my personal story about the process I went through and the questions I asked myself, which led to my decision.

The mini-guide above  a bonus that comes with Jackie’s free Leave Your Job Guide that you can download here:


Leave Your Job Guide
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