Learning Microsoft Word


Do you regularly have to produce documents and feel you are wasting a lot of time on it?

We find that a lot of people really struggle with producing documents and waste a huge amount of their time while also getting results that are really not that good, so we put together this short video course that will really open up all the options within Word for you and show you how to use them to save a load of time and get amazing results.

Even people who use Word for most of their working day and have been doing so for years have often only got a rudimentary knowledge of what it can do and are wasting huge amounts of time doing things manually that can easily be done by the software. For example, we saw someone going through a huge document and changing all the section numbers because they had to insert some new content – CRAZY! Once you can use a structured document with heading styles that just all happens automatically, and you get consistent formatting at all levels, and you can automatically create a table of contents.

You can get hold of the Word Course here:


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