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How to link to us from your web pages or emails

We have put together a lot of information and articles and many other web sites have linked to us to provide additional resources and value for their visitors. If you think your visitors would find our information and products useful, we would be very happy for you to link to us.

To create a link from your website or emails to ours, we have made it easy for you to use one of the following options to link to our home page in the default style of your web page. We are happy for you to adapt these links to match your own page style or to link to particular relevant pages within our site if you wish.

All of the links will show our site in a new top window so you do not lose the visitor from you own site.
All of the images for the links are accessed from our own server so you do not need to copy them to your own disk or server and there is no additional usage on your server (but you are welcome to copy them for this purpose if you wish).

If you have any difficulty creating these links or have any special requirements, please contact us for assistance and we will be glad to help you create the links you want.

The best ways to link to us are:

  • Text Link
  • Creating links in emails
  • Image Link – Colour Logo

Text Link

We have found that text links that are placed in the context of related information or near related images  are most likely to be clicked by your visitors.

This is how the text link will look on your web page:

Stay Fantastic
Grow older disgracefully!
Stay youthful, happy and healthy whatever age you are

To create this link, copy the HTML code  below and place it on your page at the required location.


  1. Click and drag to highlight the text in the box below then Edit / Copy from your menu to copy it to your clipboard
  2. Place the cursor in the required location in your page document then Edit / Paste from your menu to insert it (if you are using a graphic page editor, you may need to use Special Paste and paste it as Text or HTML)
  3. See how the page looks and then upload it to your web server
  4. Check that the link works OK and let us know if we can help with anything

Creating links in emails or other documents

A lot of people who have found our site useful do not have their own website but still want to let other people know that we are here. To do this, you can put a link into any email you send by copying and pasting the text in the box below:

Often people put their own descriptive text first, e.g. ‘I have found a great site  that I am sure you will find interesting:’


This is how the link will look in your email and when it is received by other people (note that the web address is blue and underlined which means it can be clicked on for a direct link to our site):
Grow older disgracefully!
Stay youthful, happy and healthy whatever age you are

A good way to show the link in emails is to add it to your ‘signature’ that shows automatically at the bottom of all your outgoing emails. If you use Outlook as your email client,

  1. Tools | Options | Mail format | Signature picker
  2. Edit or create a new signature and paste in the red text above together with you own name and other details you want to includeOther email clients have similar features.

If you have any difficulty creating your email links or have any special requirements, please contact us for assistance and we will be glad to help.

Colour Logo Link

If you would prefer to include our colour logo on your site as a link, (size 272 x 90 pixels), copy and paste the HTML code in the box below to your page (same instructions as for text links above). When people click on the logo they will be linked to our web site in a new top window. The logo graphic is accessed on our own server so there is no additional usage on your server.  You can add our company name or use both the image and text links if you want.



If you just want to copy the image to save locally and use in your page, right click on the ones below.

This one has a clear background (.png)


This one has a white background (.png)

If you need any help with any of these links please click here to get in touch

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